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Hi, I'm Jill McBride Baxter

A Sports Lawyer & Agent Who Has The Experience You Need To Reach The Heights of Your Career Goals

The Institutions Writing Your Contracts Don't Have Your Best Interest At Heart 

They're going to protect themselves, period. So where does that leave you?

  • Are you a player getting ready for the draft?
  • Are you a coach working your way up to that dream position?
  • Are you an aspiring agent who's ready to get serious?

If you try to walk this road alone then chances are you won't reach your full potential. Sure, you could study the rules and procedures for your state and institution and if you've got good connections then you might even land a good deal. But do you have time for that? And will you really understand your contract? Not likely!

“I wouldn’t have been able to make the jump from an assistant coach at South Dakota to the NFL without Jill. She’s smart, tough and everyone in the NFL respects her.”
~ Marquice Williams Special Teams Coordinator Atlanta Falcons

What If You Had Someone By Your Side Who’s Been Part Of Football Her Whole Life

And Has Worked Her Whole Career (30+ Years) In This Industry?

  • Someone with a unique perspective who already knows the things you don't have time to learn.
  • Someone in your corner who doesn't hoard trade secrets but educates you so you can make real, informed decisions?
  • And what if you had all of that with fair and honest pricing?

Would it move the needle forward for you?

As a kid I hated seeing people getting picked on. My core values of Protection, Advocacy and Trust sprang up out of those early moments and are still the guide posts of my practice.

You might have noticed that as a sports agent and attorney I do things a little different than others in my industry. I grew up as a coach's kid - daughter of Utah Hall of Fame Football coach Ron McBride. So I spent my childhood on the football practice fields and in and around coaches’ offices. Then I married the highly successful college coach, USC assistant John Baxter. All of this combined with 30 years experience gives me a unique perspective and network other agents don't have.

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Sandy Barbour

VP of Intercollegiate Athletics Penn State University

“Jill is a trusted advisor and confidant. She’s extremely intelligent and has always represented her clients with the utmost care and professionalism.”

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Marlon Moore

Played 8 years in NFL - Retired

“I owe a lot to Jill. She’s helped me through good times and bad. She’s been there for my family and provides support to my mom, my wife, and my kids in addition to me. We make a great team.”


Back At His Alma Mater, Ole Miss, Fulfilling His Goal.

While representing Enrique, he went from coaching at McMurry State, became the running back coach at Western Kentucky, in less than one month, and has now fulfilled his goal to coach at his alma mater, Old Miss, as the Offensive Analyst! In just one year he moved through the ranks to see his dream come true and retire his wife from the Air Force.

What are your goals? What are you doing to get there?

Looking For Representation? Let's Talk!

Here's the thing... I can help you. I can negotiate and advocate for you but your success also hinges on who YOU know and the connections YOU have. So where do you start?


“I first came into the Sports Agent Academy to learn about the industry as I am currently a first year student at the University of Florida. I wanted to learn about every aspect of the industry and Jill provided lots of information to teach me an overall basis of the industry. She acts as a mentor to me as I can come to Jill for any questions and advice. It has been beneficial to me as I am now aware of a lot of the requirements and costs that it takes to be an agent. My main reason for enrolling was to become educated with the industry and take part in a mentorship that can last a lifetime."
~ Austin Foate Sports Agent Academy Graduate 

Representation Without Taxation

...must remain central in the ever-changing and evolving world of athletics, both amateur and pro. Sports professionals need fair representation without it costing ridiculous sums of money and that’s why I stand for protection, advocacy, and trust.
Tune into my podcast Representation Without Taxation - a library of information and content that is topical, educational and critically relevant to contract employees in sports (professional athletes, coaches and administrators).

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  • The first female NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor Founder/CEO Jill McBride Baxter Sport Law Firm and I'm a Licensed Attorney in Utah, Arizona, and Maryland
  • Experienced negotiator and Employment Law expert