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CFP Ashley Wilken's Financial Advice for Athletes

Sep 23, 2021

Ashley Wilken, a certified financial planner and an NFLPA certified financial advisor, offers advice to college athletes on how to plot their financial futures as they collect cash through NIL deals. She also offers advice to current NFL players on what their saving and spending should look like while they are in the league. Contact Ashley at www.thericepartnership.com.

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NIL Network's Michelle Meyer on improving the NIL industry

Sep 16, 2021

Michelle Meyer launched @NILNetwork to add some structure to what she calls a "wild, wild west" industry. Together we talk through the opportunities we each see to improve the industry.

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Discussing Career Considerations for Coaches with Attorney Shannon Holmes

Sep 09, 2021

I'm joined by sports and business attorney Shannon Holmes (www.shannonaholmes.com) to address some FAQs from coaches. We discuss career advancement, including finding representation, best practices for networking, and NIL opportunities.

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Meet Quarterback Tucker Pope

Sep 02, 2021

Today I'm introducing the second athlete signed to NILImageMakers, freshman quarterback Tucker Pope. Tucker is from Cleveland, TN and excels in the classroom and on the field and has aspirations to be his own business owner.

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Fits & 1st Impressions: Personal Branding through Style

Aug 26, 2021

 Caroline Wiehl, personal stylist, shares how athletes and coaches alike can develop their personal brand through an effective wardrobe. We discuss fits, cuts, fabrics, and first impressions.

Learn more at www.carolinewiehl.jhilburn.com
Contact Caroline at [email protected] or on Instagram @carolinewiehl.

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Arkansas Deputy AD Jon Fagg explains their approach to NIL

Aug 19, 2021

Jon Fagg, Deputy AD at University of Arkansas, dives deep to detail how his athletic department has handled the changes to Name, Image, and Likeness regulations.

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Meet Devon Starling, an HBCU All-American RB

Aug 12, 2021

Today I'm introducing the first athlete signed to NILImageMakers LLC, the company I launched in partnership with marketing pro Grace DeWitt.

Devon Starling is a RS freshman RB who has racked up some serious accolades: Conference Co-Freshman of the Year, 1st Team All-Conference & Freshman All-American to name a few.

Interested in partnering with Devon? Email [email protected]

Learn how to represent athletes in the NIL space: https://www.jillmcbridebaxter.com/nil-representation-webinar


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Impact of the NFL's New COVID Policies

Jul 29, 2021

While the NFL isn't mandating vaccinations, their new policies are heavily incentivizing vaccinations for staff and players. I run through some of their policies and discuss what it means for the employment and salary of coaches and athletes.

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How NFL and NBA Pre-Draft Loans Work: Balanced Bridge Funding's Joe Genovesi Explains

Jul 15, 2021

Joe Genovesi of Balanced Bridge Funding shares important information for agents and athletes alike: Who is eligible for a pre-draft loan? How do they evaluate good candidates for a loan? How big of an advance can an athlete expect? What kind of expenses should these advances be used for? What are the expectations on repaying the loan? All these questions and more answered in this week's episode of Representation Without Taxation.

Interview also available for viewing on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Lo83hf7ncT4

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Talking NIL & NFT possibilities with David Turner of Maverick Sports Consulting

Jul 08, 2021

David Turner of Maverick Sports Consulting joins me to lay out the possibilities awaiting student-athletes in the Name, Image, and Likeness marketplace. He talks specifically about the opportunities related to NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, that act as a digital trading card. We also explore the intersection of business' interest and athletes' interest and stress the need for representation.

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