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The Future of Sports: Betting and eSports

Oct 03, 2019

FOX 11 sports anchor Liz Habib passionately shares what she sees as the future of sports. What might sports betting look like in 5 years? What could eSports evolve into? Listen to her predictions and let me know what you think via my social media @J_McBrideBaxter on Twitter, @Agent_McBrideBaxter on Instagram!

Find Liz on social at @LizHabib

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How to Handle Player Fines

Sep 26, 2019

When a player gets handed down a fine for the first time, it can be a shock to them and to their agent. Often there are questions about how best to proceed. On today's episode I share how to handle player fines based on a recent experience with one of my clients.

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The Latest on the XFL

Sep 19, 2019

Ahead of the XFL draft in October, I fill you in on the latest with the league and what to expect out of the draft. Get XFL info: https://www.jillmcbridebaxter.com/opt-in

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California's Fair Pay To Play Bill - Will Student-Athletes Get Paid?

Sep 16, 2019

California lawmakers just passed SB-206, allowing college athletes to sign endorsement deals. Here's the lowdown on that bill, and my take on the situation.

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Is the NFL ready for a female placekicker?

Aug 30, 2019

Liz Habib, sports anchor at FOX 11 in Los Angeles dialed me up, "Have you seen the Carli Lloyd video? What do you and John think?" Hear my thoughts and the thoughts of other special teams staff and players throughout football that Liz consulted on whether or not Carli Lloyd has a shot at the NFL.

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Five Questions to Ask a Sports Agent

Aug 16, 2019


If you're a college athlete becoming draft eligible this year, you'll likely be receiving messages of every kind - DMs, snail mail, voicemail - in the coming weeks and months from agents looking to represent you. How do you distinguish what makes them the right choice for you? Here's my Five Questions to Ask a Sports Agent.

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My Thoughts on the "Rich Paul Rule"

Aug 09, 2019

This week I offer my opinion on the NCAA's new regulations for basketball agents, which many are dubbing the "Rich Paul Rule."

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AFCWA Prez Explains Why Every Coach's Wife Should Join

Jul 25, 2019

I'm joined by former American Football Coaches Wives Association president Kristi Maloney. Kristi explains how she became involved, all that she's gained from the experience, and why other coaches' wives should join. I've personally really enjoyed being a member of this organization and highly encourage all my coaches listening to recommend their wives get involved!

Learn more at www.afcwa.org


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Navigating Sports Law as a Woman

Jul 18, 2019

This week on the pod I continue my interview with UC Irvine Law student Tatum Wheeler for Ms. JD, an organization supporting women in the legal profession!

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"The Den Mom": Utes reflect on relationship with their Coach's family

Jul 13, 2019

 Former Utah Utes of the '90s Jimmy Bellamy (DL), Cedric Crawford (ATH), and Marnie Oliver, partner of the late Bronzell Miller (DE), join me to reflect on their relationship with my Mom and Dad while playing college football. They emphasize the role my Mom played as "Den Mom," compare how the college football players of today relate to their coach and his family, and announce a new initiative called Mother's Hands being launched next weekend in Salt Lake City.

Find Cedric @CedricRCrawford on Twitter, @MrMakeItGreat on Instagram and Facebook.

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