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Jill McBride Baxter, Sports Law Attorney

Protection for individuals and families contractually for financial and physical well-being in a volatile stressful environment.

Informed representation and unconditional support with the intended outcome of Preparation, Promotion, Protection, Advocacy, & Trust in a volatile environment.

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NFL Players

Jill Baxter is certified contract advisor. She has been representing NFL players since 1988. Watch featured video on her clients. 


Jill Baxter negotiates and markets coaches to colleges and professional teams! Call Jill to set up a free consultation!


Jill Baxter negotiates and reviews media and athletic administrators contracts. Call now to have Jill review and negotiate your contract! 559-250-0151 or [email protected]

 Jill looks forward to working with you to succeed in the Sports Industry!


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Do you need Representation? Call Jill to schedule a Meeting! 559-250-0151 or email [email protected]


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