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3% A Number That is Not Gross, Its Disgusting

Mar 09, 2018

3% A Number That is Not Gross, Its Disgusting

I have eluded to frustration with percentage based fee structure in the current market in sports industry.

 Heres Why

 Breaking Down 3%: it may seem like a nominal fee until I break this down into real usable numbers
Coaching and playing is simply what you do to support your family.
I am coaches wife and I am in charge of our family finances my husband salary has a huge impact on our monthly finances. If  you have a pen and paper you may want to follow along and write this down so you can see what 3% actually means to your pocket book.
Let take $100,000 Gross Salary-that is the salary offered by the institution or pro team before taxes
The federal tax rate is 10%, 15%, 25%, 28%, 33%, 35%, 39.6% depending on the amount you make after your taxable income. For the purposes of this exercise I am going to use the 33% tax rate.
State taxes vary.  I will use 10% some states may be higher, some lower, and a few states have no...

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What Does Representation Without Taxation Mean - 001

Mar 09, 2018

 Please click on the arrow to listen to the first Episode of Representation Without Taxation. 

Podcast 001 Representation Without TaxationI will introduce myself and explain Why I named my podcast Representation Without Taxation and How I became a Sports Law Attorney. 

Attached you will find information and my fee schedule for representation. Thanks for listening. Please share, subscribe, and review my podcast on Itunes.

Jill Profile 021618.pdf


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Interviewing your NFL Agent

Nov 22, 2017

Interviewing Your Agent

 November 22, 2017

 Picking an agent is one of the most important decisions a player seeking a professional football career can make. How you pick the agent that’s right for you should be well thought out. At the end of the process, you need to ask yourself a question – why did I pick them? That answer should be crystal clear.

 The first mistake many players make is how they go through the process. When I’m talking with prospective clients, the number and quality of questions will help me determine if I want to represent them. When I represent NFL players, I enter into a relationship built on my core values of protection, advocacy and trust.

 It’s important that a player interview the agent and not the other way around. Do research on agents pursuing you and determine what’s important to you. Many agents promise marketing or endorsements, gifts or loans for cars or homes. If that’s all you remember from...

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