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G.P.S. Guide For Athletes And Those Who Surround Them

May 09, 2019

This week I continue my conversation with baseball agent Michael McGinnis, author of G.P.S. Guide For Athletes And Those Who Surround Them (https://empowermentsportsgroup.com/book/). He explains the origins of the book and why an athlete at any level should be taking an active role in planning for their future.

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The MLB Draft vs the NFL Draft: Two Agents Compare

May 02, 2019

Ahead of next month's MLB Draft, I'm joined by Michael McGinnis, founder of Empowerment Sports Group. Michael shares how he got started in the sports industry before him and I discuss the differences between the NFL draft and the MLB draft. We both learned quite a bit during our conversation and hope you do too! Part two of our interview - a roadmap for parents of potential pro athletes - debuts next week.

Contact Michael at [email protected]

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In the Thick of IT - Final Day of the Draft

Apr 28, 2019

The last day of the draft is always frantic, fast, and lots of ups and downs. Listen to what happens with my clients, other peoples clients, and me on day Three of the draft.

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Agent Recovery After the NFL Draft

Apr 28, 2019

First I get up and look to see who signed with what teams. If I have a player that didn't get a contract yesterday I call teams that didn't sign a lot of players at that position.  I also discuss the sad story about the player drafted by the Giants that was the victim of a shooting at a party the same day he was drafted. 

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Tyreek Hill and the Top 32

Apr 26, 2019

The first day of the draft is behind us! I recap the first 32 picks, including the best grabs and biggest surprises. I also lend my legal knowledge to the other big NFL story of the day - an audio recording of Tyreek Hill that substantiates allegations of child abuse and domestic violence.


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Jill's Top 10 Picks for the 2019 Draft

Apr 25, 2019

It that time of year! The 2019 NFL Draft. This is my favorite week! I love to see which players get picked and their reactions! Please listen to who I predict each team will pick in the Top 10 and Where I predict my clients will end up. Stay tuned I will be podcasting for the next three days! Listen, Share, Subscribe and write a review. Thank you for listening!

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Covering the Draft - A Sports Broadcaster Explains

Apr 18, 2019

This week I'm joined by Lindsey Pallares, a reporter for Fox Sports San Diego who has previously covered pro sports in Wisconsin and Colorado. Lindsey shares what the NFL Draft Weekend is like for a reporter, past draft stories she's covered, the challenges the media faces in their coverage of the draft, and more.

Follow Lindsey at @lindseylares on Twitter or Instagram.

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A Day in the Life of an Agent - Pre-Draft

Apr 12, 2019

I take a pre-draft pause to give you a look at what all I'm busy with this time of year as an NFLPA certified contract advisor. 

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Life After Football - Why this NFL Player Decided to Leave the Game (Two-Part Series)

Apr 07, 2019

I sit down with my former client Moses Harris to talk about his decision to quit football, the plan he had in place before he made the decision, the success he's found since, and the advice he has for other football players. A two-part episode series.

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A Coach's Guide to Split-Dollar Life Policies

Apr 05, 2019

Monte Harrick, an executive compensation specialist and son of championship-winning basketball coach Jim Harrick, joins the podcast to discuss deferred compensation for coaches under a split-life policy to avoid the excise tax.

Contact Monte via email: [email protected]

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