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Carjay Lyles discusses Why Track Coaches are the Best NFL Combine Trainers

Jun 20, 2019

Usc Track Coach Carjay Lyles discusses How to Prepare for the Combine Events, How he Coaches Track Athletes, and Who are his biggest Success Stories.


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Student-Athletes vs Jim Mora; Kyle Lowry vs Mark Stevens; and Kawhi Leonard vs Nike

Jun 13, 2019

There's a few interesting sports law cases generating some buzz in the media that I wanted to tackle on this week's episode: student-athletes suing former UCLA head coach Jim Mora, the Kyle Lowry and Mark Stevens situation, and Kawhi Leonard's logo suit against Nike.

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Campus Life as a Head Coach’s Wife – Paulette Bonamego at CMU

Jun 11, 2019

Gameday might be the most anticipated event of the week for a head coach’s wife, but Paulette Bonamego knows firsthand that campus involvement off the field makes weekend victories even sweeter.

For John Bonamego’s return to college coaching after working in the NFL for over a decade, Paulette and her husband made a pact to give the town of Mount Pleasant, home to Central Michigan University, their wholehearted best. After all, John was no stranger to CMU. He played for the Chippewas as a wide receiver and quarterback before graduating in 1987. “John wanted to be the head coach at his alma mater. That was always his goal from the moment I met him 20 years ago. On our first date, that’s what he talked about. He wanted to come full circle and reach higher,” says Paulette.

Paulette believes establishing a familial atmosphere at CMU began at the welcoming of new recruits to the team. From the start, the Bonamego’s approach was “we are going to...

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So You Want to be a Sports Agent

Jun 06, 2019

This week my podcast has a little role reversal! Pranav Menon, a rising senior at Texas A&M, reached out to me on LinkedIn and wanted to know about being a sports agent...so I let him interview me for this week's podcast episode.

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Coach's Wife Paulette Bonamego on the Power of Community Involvement

Jun 03, 2019

While Paulette Bonamego's "arms wide open" approach has shaped football communities across the East, her relationship to the Central Michigan University Chippewas proved to be the most impactful.

Upon her arrival in Mount Pleasant, Paulette quickly earned the title “Momma B” for her enthusiasm for connecting with the community. Fate quickly brought her into the life of Alana, a CMU student facing the worst of what had been a lifelong battle with a brain tumor.

Paulette and Alana formed a close bond and Paulette quickly became a pillar of support for Alana. Using the power of their combined social media presence, Paulette and her husband John were able to raise and match GoFundMe contributions to cover partial costs of Alana’s intensive surgery. The surgery was a success and after recovery and rehabilitation Alana was able to make her way back to CMU.

In reflecting upon the experience, Paulette notes, “Things happen for a reason…She was as...

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Updates on the XFL, College Basketball Agents, and Marvin Lewis

May 30, 2019

This week I dish some updates about a few topics: 1) how to join the XFL, 2) the new agent rule in college basketball, 3) Marvin Lewis joining the Arizona State football staff and 4) my new online course, Sports Agent Academy!

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Paulette Bonamego: Owning her Role as a Head Coach's Wife

May 23, 2019

Paulette Bonamego, wife of Coach John Bonamego of the Detroit Lions, shares her family's football journey through the NFL to Central Michigan University. Paulette prided herself on being the "Team Mom," being super involved in on-campus life and the outside Central Michigan community. She also speaks on supporting her husband and the CMU program through his battle with cancer. A great listen for ladies wondering how they can step into and own the role of a coach's wife!

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G.P.S. Guide For Athletes And Those Who Surround Them

May 09, 2019

This week I continue my conversation with baseball agent Michael McGinnis, author of G.P.S. Guide For Athletes And Those Who Surround Them (https://empowermentsportsgroup.com/book/). He explains the origins of the book and why an athlete at any level should be taking an active role in planning for their future.

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The MLB Draft vs the NFL Draft: Two Agents Compare

May 02, 2019

Ahead of next month's MLB Draft, I'm joined by Michael McGinnis, founder of Empowerment Sports Group. Michael shares how he got started in the sports industry before him and I discuss the differences between the NFL draft and the MLB draft. We both learned quite a bit during our conversation and hope you do too! Part two of our interview - a roadmap for parents of potential pro athletes - debuts next week.

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In the Thick of IT - Final Day of the Draft

Apr 28, 2019

The last day of the draft is always frantic, fast, and lots of ups and downs. Listen to what happens with my clients, other peoples clients, and me on day Three of the draft.

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