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Investment Advice for NFL Draft Picks and 3 TIPS For Success!

#jillmcbridebaxter bestsportsagent doyouneedasportsagent financialadvicefornflplayers sportsattorney Dec 05, 2022

This week Jill and Jerome discuss What NFL draft picks should and should not invest in with there signing bonus money. In addition the tips every player should do daily to have success. 1) Be on Time 2) Do what  You say Your Going to Do 3) Be prepared.  All of my online courses are 20% off in December. Put in Coupon Code HOLIDAY2022 For your Discount!


Jerome Fogel is author of the book The Gauntlent. You can purchase on his book on Amazon. (Link) 


ll is a 32 veteran Sports Attorney, representing Coaches, Players, Athletic Directors, Media, NIL Consultant, CEO of Academic Gameplan, Adjunct Professor at McGeorge School of Law, Podcaster and Author. Contracts and Connections are my unique gifts. I also love to mentor and teach and have many free resources and online courses to help everyone. 

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