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Advice from NFL Player Personnel Director - Brian Zechus - Washington Redskins

Jun 06, 2018

Jill and Brian Talk about Mini Camp. How many players get signed between mini camp and training camp. What players can do who are waiting to get their opportunity to be signed by an NFL Team.

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Tips for NFL Specialist During the Off Season-Long Snapper Ryan Navarro

May 24, 2018

Jill Baxter discusses with her client and NFL Prospect Long Snapper Ryan Navarro about what he did between Invites to Oakland Mini Camp in 2017 to Washington Redskins Mini Camp 2018. He explains how he prepared for his next NFL opportunity and try out.



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Advice from Dick Tomey to Head Football Coaches

May 08, 2018

Dick Tomey, Former Head Coach at Univ of Hawaii, Arizona, and San Jose State discusses situations where he consulted with new and existing Head Football Coaches. He gives great Advice for Current Head Coaches and Coaches who aspire to be Head Coaches.  You can email  Coach Tomey  [email protected] to request consulting advice or to book as a Speaker. 

Coach Tomey wrote a book called Rise of the Rainbow Warriors about his ten years as Head Coach at University of Hawaii.  Here is a link to purchase Coach Tomey's Book. 

 This is an affiliate link. A small fee is paid to Jill if you use this link. It does not cost you any more to use the link below but you can just go to  Amazon.com to purchase Dick Book Rise of the Rainbow Warriors. 


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How Sportswriters and Agents Prepare for the NFL Draft-Dan Duggan-012

Apr 25, 2018

Dan Duggan, New York Giants Beat Writer for The Athletic, and Jill McBride Baxter, NFLPA Sports Law Attorney discuss how they prepare for the draft. Who will the New Giants pick in the First Round of the NFL Draft.

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Interview Tips of New York Giants Beat Reporter-Dan Duggan

Apr 19, 2018

Dan Duggan is a New York Giants Sportswriter for the athletics.com. We discuss how he gets interviews, the new subscription based model for print media, and how he keeps up with all the news and rumors about Odell Beckham Jr.

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How to Build a Trusting Relationship with a Sportswriter-Ryan Dunleavy

Apr 15, 2018

 Ryan Dunleavy @rydunleavy is a Sportswriter at NJ.com and covers the New York Giants. He discusses how to build a trusting relationship with sportswriters, why he became a sportswriter, and his strategy for getting to know agents at his first NFL Combine. 


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Tips for Taking Over A Winning Football Program-Univ AZ-Coach Tomey - 010

Apr 15, 2018

Dick Tomey was hired as the Head Coach at University of Arizona after Larry Smith successfully created a winning program. Dick Tomey found buy in to new ideas more difficult than rebuilding a program. He Created a Crisis to get the players to buy in to what he was teaching.

To buy Dick Tomey book click on Link below. This is an amazon affiliate link. Jill will receive a small commission from this link. It will not cost you anything extra to use the affiliate link. 






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Tips on How Coach Tomey Rebuilt the University of Hawaii Football Program

Apr 12, 2018

Coach Tomey discusses Tips for How He Rebuilt the University of Hawaii Football Program. His two Tips are Connecting with the Players and Embracing the Culture in Hawaii. Coach Tomey wrote a book called Rise of the Rainbow Warriors about his ten years as Head Coach at University of Hawaii.  Here is a link to purchase Coach Tomey's Book. Coach Tomey email is [email protected]


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Life As A Coaches Daughter-Ann Edwards Cannon (Daughter of Lavell and Patti Edwards)

Apr 05, 2018

Ann Edwards Cannon, Writer for Salt Lake Tribune (Lavell Edwards Daughter) is my guest on this week podcast. Join us as we chat about Life as A Coaches Daughter, Ann's view on How Coaches Should Deal With Print Media, Being on the Sidelines with Dad, and The Secrets to her Dad's Success as the Head Coach at BYU. This interview was so much fun! Our dad's competed on the field but were great friends off the field. 

Ann is a writer for Salt Lake tribune her column is called Ask Ann. To get your questions answered [email protected], She is an author of childrens books aecannon.com. To read her column go www.sltrib.com

IF you need more information about jill's sports law business go to




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Blueprints for A Football Program Remodel-Ron McBride-Jill's Dad

Mar 28, 2018

If you want to learn how to Rebuild a football team you need to listen to how Ron McBride spent his 50 year career, 20 years as Head Coach and 30 as an assistant rebuilding College Football Teams.

Blueprints for a Program Remodel: Jill's Dad, Ron McBride, 50 year football coach, 20 years as Head Coach and 30 years as an Assistant Coach: discusses
1) How he became a Head Coach
2) How to Rebuild a football program
3) The Ron McBride Foundation Foundation Information






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